Harper the Egomaniac

Despite Stephen Harper's threat to retool the Canada 35,000,000 Canadians know and love before an election ... he still won!
And he is changing Canada at WARP SPEED, creating a record deficit in just two years, ordering military equipment worth $100,000,000,000, which our country can ill afford and selling off our natural resources to the Chinese.
Too many people did not vote in 2011 and Harper got his majority with just 39% of the ballots cast, giving him the go-ahead to destroy the Canada we love.
Perhaps this record of "comics," as we follow his stupidy for four years, will help to jog some voters in the next election to give him the boot.

And Remember!

Humour ... when reality is too ridiculous!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

How to Determine Harper's Stance on Afghanistan

At this very minute, (1:00 PM, May 20, 2012), at a NATO meeting in Chicago, Harper is sitting on the fence and not telling the other World Leaders in attendance where he stands on Afghanistan, (as per Terry Milewski's CBC report).
Isn't this the same Harper who baffled Canadians when he said we should go to war with the USA? Why doesn't he phone home for Dean 'Dumb Dumb' Del Mastro's opinion ... afterall, it's just physics ... or maybe trig? LOL LOL LOL LOL