Harper the Egomaniac

Despite Stephen Harper's threat to retool the Canada 35,000,000 Canadians know and love before an election ... he still won!
And he is changing Canada at WARP SPEED, creating a record deficit in just two years, ordering military equipment worth $100,000,000,000, which our country can ill afford and selling off our natural resources to the Chinese.
Too many people did not vote in 2011 and Harper got his majority with just 39% of the ballots cast, giving him the go-ahead to destroy the Canada we love.
Perhaps this record of "comics," as we follow his stupidy for four years, will help to jog some voters in the next election to give him the boot.

And Remember!

Humour ... when reality is too ridiculous!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Canada's Growing Facism: What is Harper Hiding?

Has the cost of making Harper the
Zionist World Stateman of the
 Year given the Israelis a free ticket
when they murder a Canadian?

LINK to: DND removes report on killing of Canadian soldier by Israeli forces

Friday, December 21, 2012

Get with the tour Harper! You have the drums beating ....

Do we steal her child, then make her child disappear, break her treaties, destroy her water, land & air, inflict constant racism on her People, keep her People in poverty for hundred's of years while raping her lands of minerals, issue an apology, then renege on it in under one year?!?! Get with the tour Harper! You have the drums beating ....

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Rob Ford Graphics


Examples of Why Chief Spence Went on a Hunger Strike: White man's Attitude!

Here's one man's sickening comment. ON THE SITE MONITORING SPENCE!!!

... and here's a post by his just as sickening daughter!

.... she felt her father's "opinion" of Chief Spence losing her chins was funny!!!! In any colour.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Fascist Harper Stifling CBC: The Chief Spence Hunger Strike Censorship

CBC Has Covered Worldwide Hunger Strikes ...
.... as recently as this article on Friday, March 2, 2012 .... but refuse to carry updates on Chief Spence!!!

LINK to CBC article

TEXT (in case LINK disappears!) :

Hunger Strikes: The return of the silent protest Friday, March 2, 2012 | Categories: Episodes It's long been used as a weapon in the fights for freedom and independence. A tactic that's counted by the day. And it appears the hunger strike is seeing a resurgence as a tool or protest. Three of The Current Hunger Strikes: The return of the silent protest - UN Human Rights Mahatma Gandhi often wielded his greatest power when he was weak from hunger. Bobby Sands never knew how successful he was. The IRA prisoner died after nearly ten weeks of fasting in 1981. The name Orlando Tamayo may not be as well known. The Cuban dissident died after more than 80 days of a hunger strike to protest prison conditions. A hunger strike can draw the world's attention. Or it can literally be -- a waste. Nevertheless, for desperate people, the hunger strike is a viable option -- and the number of desperate people appears to be growing. Last week, a Palestinian man protesting what he believed to be an arbitrary arrest by Israel, took food for the first time in 66 days. Khader Adnan ended his hunger strike when Israel agreed to release him next month. Richard Falk is the United Nations' Special Rapporteur on Palestinian Human Rights, and he's written extensively about Khader Adnan. We reached him in Santa Barbara, California. Hunger Strikes: The return of the silent protest - Hunger-Striking Activist Protesters in the small island kingdom of Bahrain began demanding democratic reform this past spring. What Abdulhadi Alkhawaja got was a knock on his door in the middle of the night and was placed under arrest. The prominent human rights activist is now serving a life sentence in prison. He began a hunger strike February 9th. His daughter, Zainab Alkhawaja joined us from Manama, Bahrain. Hunger Strikes: The return of the silent protest Our next guest has written extensively about hunger and hunger strikes in her book Hunger: An Unnatural History. Sharman Russell is a professor at Western New Mexico University. She was in Silver City, New Mexico. This segment was produced The Current's Pacinthe Mattar. Related Links: •Saving Khader Adnan's Life and Legacy - Richard Falk •Lawyer warns that Alkhawaja's health is entering a dangerous Phase - Bahrain Youth Society for Human Rights •Hunger strikes: What can they achieve? By: Alizeh Kohari - BBC News Music Bridge Artist: Thievery Corporation Cd: It Takes a Thief - Best Of Thievery Corporation Cut: # 1, Amerimacka Label: ESL Spine: ESL 164 Last Word - Gender and Kids Today's last word goes to The Current's Shannon Higgins. She's producing a story for Monday's show on some of the most ignored and vulnerable children in Canada. Other segments from today's show: •Elections Canada under scrutiny •Saving Face: Dr. Mohammad Jawad

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Romney the Moron




New CD Release

Romney Announces at First Debate with Barack Obama
on October 3, 2012 that he will Cancel PBS!!