Harper the Egomaniac

Despite Stephen Harper's threat to retool the Canada 35,000,000 Canadians know and love before an election ... he still won!
And he is changing Canada at WARP SPEED, creating a record deficit in just two years, ordering military equipment worth $100,000,000,000, which our country can ill afford and selling off our natural resources to the Chinese.
Too many people did not vote in 2011 and Harper got his majority with just 39% of the ballots cast, giving him the go-ahead to destroy the Canada we love.
Perhaps this record of "comics," as we follow his stupidy for four years, will help to jog some voters in the next election to give him the boot.

And Remember!

Humour ... when reality is too ridiculous!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

A Graphic for All You Right Wingnuts in Harperland

In Honour of John Duncan, Minister of Native Affairs, Blaming the NDP for Not Notifying HIM of a State of Emergency in Attawapiskat

John Duncan is the guy in this graphic thinking with the cloud above his head. Strange really, considering his head always seems to be IN a cloud!

Harper Screwing Old People

Harper Stupidity 101

What's the Difference Between a Harper Prorogue and a Canadian General Strike? NOTHING!

Grandpa Fought for This?!?!

Obama Series #3 ~ "Ottawa's Little Secret"

Comments and Feedback

I've shed more tears on this than those really strong onions I chopped at dinner! Kinda makes that whole Gay Marriage kerfuffle a few weeks ago look even more ridiculous, ennit?

Watch this video Harper! Payback is a bitch, eh! ...

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Harper the Control Freak

Canada. Dictatorship.

Harper's New Advisory Council

Harper Honour the Treaties? In a Pig's Eye!

Instead of jumping on an Attawapiskat State of Emergency and ensuring Native children were warm and fed THAT DAY, (like he did with the Haitian children the day of the earth quake), he stood in the House of Commons laying blame on their parents!
If he is so abject to solving something so small, as compared to the importance he attaches to the Tar Sands, do you REALLY think he will now honour the treaties?
Right. In a pig's eye!

Enemy of the Harper Government

NOW the 39% Wished They Had NOT Voted Blue! (At least the intelligent ones)

Harper: No Time to Prioritize First Nations People

Monday, January 23, 2012

Which Province is Home to Harper's Riding?

Great Zoo Quote

To be in contempt of
Parliament you need these!

About this long ....

Blame the Victim - Remember Attawapiskat!

Tony Clement, Liar

DIRECT LINK to proof Tony Clement is a liar
LINK to coverage in Toronto Star

LINK to coverage in Globe and Mail

Those from the Harper Government spying on this graphic:

Why, it's Tony himself!! Hi Tony the Liar

Time of Visit Jan 23 2012 1:55:07 pm
IP Address: 192.197.178.# (Industry Canada)

Go the the link, then click on "Our Minister and Ministers of State" on the left ....
Look who's checking out this graphic himself .....

Harper's Northern Fresh Water Supply Programme

How did that work again? Oh ya. Hire an ex-con named Carson, (sure, entrust tax dollars with an ex-con!), who in turn sets it all up with an escort girl. Is it any wonder Attawapiskat is in its situation when down in Ottawa Harper is effectively running programmes through an escort?

RCMP boss OK'd ex-PM aide Carson's security clearance
LINK to CBC News