Harper the Egomaniac

Despite Stephen Harper's threat to retool the Canada 35,000,000 Canadians know and love before an election ... he still won!
And he is changing Canada at WARP SPEED, creating a record deficit in just two years, ordering military equipment worth $100,000,000,000, which our country can ill afford and selling off our natural resources to the Chinese.
Too many people did not vote in 2011 and Harper got his majority with just 39% of the ballots cast, giving him the go-ahead to destroy the Canada we love.
Perhaps this record of "comics," as we follow his stupidy for four years, will help to jog some voters in the next election to give him the boot.

And Remember!

Humour ... when reality is too ridiculous!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas "Piece of Shit" Apology

What Happened:
At the end of the fall session, Justin Trudeau got so justifiably irritated and exasperated with Peter Kent in the House that he yelled across the aisle that Kent was a "piece of shit", (simply acknowledging what most Canadians know BTW).
Of course, the clean and starched underwear-wearing, perfect Tories screamed blue murder. Justin apologied inside and outside of the House. Kudos Justin. You da man!
But from coast to coast Canadians had their laugh at the TRUTH.
Also, for those Tories reading this post. just to help jog your memories, check my last cartoon on this post ... that is how your Minister of Foreign Affairs talks. Disgusting, eh!

My oh my Tories!
What's Good for the Goose???